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    If You're Sick Of Your Old Bathroom, These 20 Things From Target Will Affordably Update It

    New throne room, new you.

    1. A toilet paper holder that attaches right to the tank in order to conserve space and time with its double-roll feature.

    Two rolls of toilet paper on toilet paper holder on side of toilet

    2. A Clorox extendable tub and tile scrubber so you can clean your shower without breaking your back. Personally, I prefer to write off the hard-to-reach places as being literally impossible to clean, but now that I know this exists, I have no choice other than to tackle the ceiling tiles of my shower.

    Model using blue extendable clorox tub cleaning wand to clean white porcelain tub

    3. A stainless-steel toilet caddy that's sleek and concealed to avoid the eyesore that is... the dreaded toilet brush. A necessary evil, indeed.

    Stainless steel toilet brush caddy

    4. A wooden soap dish to neatly cradle your bar of soap, ensuring that gunk stays off the corner of your sink. 😖 Plus, the wood adds a little rustic and natural touch to your bathroom decor.

    Dark wooden soap holder with white bar of soap

    5. A turntable makeup organizer so you don't have to rummage through a messy makeup bag just to find your mascara ever again. It might even help you cut down on the time it takes to get ready... but don't hold me to that statement.

    the clear makeup organizer

    6. A utility cart that can hold your hair products, towels, toiletries, or any other item that's thrown haphazardly in your bathroom drawers (and they are already filled to the brim). This bad boy adds easy organization — and, thanks to its wheels, you can move it around wherever you see fit.

    the green cart in a bathroom with toiletries in it

    7. A bamboo hair tool organizer so you can free up some counter space without sacrificing aesthetics. This also means that you can quickly touch up your hair without the frustration of untangling a billion cords.

    Wooden hot tools organizer with various hot hair tools and hair products in it

    8. A set of 12 rust-resistant matte-black shower hooks so you can ditch those sticky plastic rings and rest assured that your curtain rod won't be riddled with heinous rust stains.

    9. A vanity organizer because keeping your cotton balls and swabs within arm's reach (instead of stored in the deepest reaches of your under-sink cabinet) is life-changing.

    the silver and clear vanity tray with brushes and cotton balls

    10. An eyeshadow palette organizer for the beauty gurus who've fallen victim to one too many TikTok tutorials and are now left with a comically large number of palettes and nowhere to put them.

    White and gray marble palette organizer with makeup palettes in the slots

    11. A cellphone holder so you can prop your phone up and watch said TikTok makeup tutorials step-by-step while you *perfectly* execute the look, instead of leaning your phone unsteadily against a shampoo bottle.

    White round cellphone holder holding white cell phone with ring and airpods resting on holder

    12. A bamboo bath caddy, because how are you going to truly relax in a bubble bath without a glass of wine or your phone within immediate reach? I know, you don't need another item taking up space in your bathroom — but this is basically essential, and you can store it over your tub with a pretty candle on top when it's not in use.

    Bamboo bathtub tray over bathtub with tablet, phone and glass of wine

    13. A Rubbermaid power scrubber that'll get the dirt and grime out of the grout and return your tiles to their former, shining glory. It's kind of like when your grandma used to manually clean the bathroom with a toothbrush — except it's 2023 (*gasp*) and this scrubber has an oscillating head, getting the job done faster than your grandma ever could. Sorry, Nana!

    Model using black and red power scrubber on grout of white tiles

    14. A bath caddy to free up the space on the ledge of your tub that's currently very crowded with your array of *necessary* products.

    Silver ove-the-bath caddy holding bath products and bar of soap

    15. A cactus ring tray that'll keep your rings in a safe place while you wash your hands, ensuring they don't get lost or fall down the drain and remain free from tarnish — which also ensures your fingers are free from that absolutely nightmarish green stain.

    cactus ring tray with rings and jewelry on it

    16. A hinged vanity organizer so you can have two levels of organization while taking up minimal precious counter space.

    Two level wooden vanity organizer with makeup products inside

    17. A mini step trash can because for some reason, touching the garbage lid (even in our own bathroom) is icky. Plus, it has a removal bucket liner, so you don't have to grab the whole trash can to empty it... additional bonus: you might actually be motivated to start emptying it before it overflows.

    18. A glass apothecary soap pump so we can stop buying individual fancy soaps. Yes, we love them (a lot), but if we calculated how much we spend on seasonal hand soaps per year, the numbers might be shocking.

    Empty glass soap pump on counter next to clear vase of flowers

    19. A motion-activated night light so you don't have to turn on your bright bathroom lights at 3 a.m. and risk waking up your eyes a second earlier than they have to be. You have five more hours of sleep left — can't risk it!

    20. A floor cabinet for those of us who aren't blessed with a spacious linen closet. The open shelves on its side also provide the perfect opportunity to dress up your bathroom with some plants or decorative pieces.

    brown floor cabinet with shuttered cabinet door ajar and three side shelves

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