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    31 Products From Walmart That Are Just A Good Idea To Keep Around

    Things that'll come in handy at any minute.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Outdoor food covers so you can enjoy your backyard dinner in peace.

    three netted food covers

    Price: $18.70

    2. Metal straws to keep around and reuse so you can help save the environment while drinking your homemade margarita.

    a set of metal straws with two straw cleaners

    Price: $8.55 for 30

    3. A family pack of washable face masks you can keep by the door so no one in your household forgets to leave without one.

    five face masks in different colors

    Promising review:"I love these masks!!! They fit perfectly and colors are nice. The fit is great for my husband and I. I ordered L/XL. Arrived in 6 days and made in the USA!!!" - Dianne

    Price: $25.99 for five (available in sizes S/M–L/XL and eight styles)

    4. A pair of blue-light blocking glasses to keep on deck after long hours of straining your eyes from your phone or computer.

    clear frames of blue light glasses

    Promising review: "The screen shades are exactly as in the description. I am very satisfied with the results. Since the pandemic I have been using my iPhone more often. With the screen shades my eyes are less irritated, not as dry and less fatigued. In my opinion these are worth the price!!" β€”Linda

    Price: $44.88

    5. An attachable water filter for your sink so you can enjoy a fresh glass of water whenever you want.

    the attachable water filter

    Promising review: "This product is super easy to put on and works great!I started using it a few days ago and can already tell a huge difference in the water!I really love the fact that you can turn it on and off as well for things like running mop water and cleaning the bathroom.I would recommend to anyone!" β€” Bethanyandretti

    Price: $21.94

    6. A lap desk to use with your laptop, because the only thing better than working from home is working from your bed.

    a black lap desk cushion

    Price: $34.99

    7. A toilet paper reserve so you won't run out of a roll at the worst time ever again.

    a silver rack to place toilet paper

    Price: $9.75

    8. A wireless Wi-Fi extender because I bet you're thinking of the spot in your house where the internet just doesn't work.

    the wifi extender

    Promising review: "This item works wonderful for us. We have a one-story 1,400 square foot home and our Wi-Fi is in the main bedroom on one side of the home. For some reason the other side of the home wouldn't get good Wi-Fi but after adding this we do!!!! So glad I bought it." β€”Chrisj4609

    Price: $24.98

    9. A Tile tracker to keep track of pretty much your bag or your keys or your dog, you decide!

    a model holding the tile tracker

    Price: $24.99

    10. Gain-scented plug-ins so your house can smell clean 24/7 without any effort.

    the febreze plug in

    Promising review: "I am enjoying this plug-in. It is just as good as the high-priced ones, trust me I have tried them all. I would tell anyone to buy it, great price for this item." β€”leopard65

    Price: $4.94

    11. A pack of Command Hooks that will come in handy any day of the year. Wanna hang that picture? Command hooks. Party decorations? Command hooks. Get creative with these on deck.

    a package of command hooks

    Price: $7.88

    12. A Vicks humidifier because contrary to popular belief your throat doesn't have to hurt every morning.

    the humidifier

    Price: $34.19

    13. Air purifying bags you can count on to actually eliminate odors from your home instead of just masking them.

    a grey pouch

    Promising review: "Have bought several for other rooms since. Great in place of baking soda. Seems to keep mold from growing and old silverware from rusting." β€”Lo

    Price: $9.95

    14. A Nutri Chopper because everyone knows the worst part of cooking is the prepping.

    the chopper chopping an onion

    Price: $19.96

    15. A Magic Bullet mini blender so the next time you have the sudden urge to make a green juice, you'll be prepared.

    the magic bullet mini

    Promising review: "It's a compact device which serves every purpose of blending, chopping and uses less space for storage too! For a student like me its one of the best recommended purchases!" β€”Meghan

    Price: $22.96

    16. A waterproof and fireproof silicone bag to hold all your important household documents.

    the fire proof pouch in black

    Price: $18.99

    17. A handheld vacuum sealer so your you won't have to worry about your chips getting stale.

    a model using the little device to seal a plastic bag

    Promising review "This little device works great. It's very good for storing dry goods and, when used with the sealer bags, good for meat as well. Couldn't be more pleased!" β€”Banjojoe

    Price: $22.94

    18. A a mini vacuum cleaner that can be used to get the dust off of any hard-to-reach place.

    a pink tiny handheld vacuum

    Promising review: "Works great and well worth the money. This little vacuum works extremely well and is cute and portable." β€”Ajolmstead

    Price: $9.98 (available in pink or black)

    19. A solar-powered crank flashlight because I know I'm not the only one who doesn't always have batteries in an emergency.

    the flash light in green

    Promising review: "I keep buying these to give away for gifts. Love them. Bought the first ones eight years ago still working β€” keep them around house and in car." β€”Freddie

    Price: $12.97

    20. A box set of multi-occasion cards to have on hand so the next time you forget your second cousin's birthday you'll be more than prepared.

    a box of assorted greeting cards

    Price: $16.86

    21. A drying AND folding rack that might make doing your laundry a little more tolerable.

    a white fold out laundry drying rack

    Promising review: "I really liked this product, not only can I hang clothes on it, lay clothes on it, then dry sneakers on it as well. It's adjustable for what I need, it fits within my tub, then easily stores away. I hang it on the wall in the washroom. What's not to like. I've had other products, but they were bulky, not easily stored, not to mention hard to break down and couldn't store. Oh did I mention the great price?" β€”rcnv60

    Price: $35.78

    22. A steel storage utility cart so you won't need to make more than one trip to bring in your groceries.

    a cart on wheels with a black cage to store items

    Promising review: "This was so worth the money, easy assembly of just putting wheels on, took me 20 minutes, purchased one for my son also. Very sturdy, moves so smooth, and ample room in both front basket and the small basket to hold my pocketbook and other things. I love it and so does my son!" β€”Judith

    Price: $54.99

    23. A pack of mesh wash bags because you're gonna have to get around to washing those delicates eventually.

    three different mesh bags in different sizes

    Price: $6.75

    24. A pack of ultrasonic pest repellers that'll actually keep the bugs away so you won't have to deal with them.

    the pest repeller

    Price: $14.99

    25. A sewing kit to keep on hand so if you want to hem those pants right before you leave the house, you can!

    a sewing kit complete with various thread colors and tools

    Promising review: "I have never had such a great small sewing kit that includes every basic thing. Super perfect for travel and home! The scissors are very sharp and perfectly cut the thread on the first snip. The case is very nice quality and zips up to let nothing fall out! Definitely recommend this kit." β€”rachel

    Price: $14.27

    26. Cable protectors for your charger to prolong your charger cable's life and because they're sooo cute.

    tiny cable bites shaped like cute animals

    Price: $10

    27. A pack of Mr. Clean Magic Eraser cleaning sheets that'll help you conquer those hard-to-reach and tough stains in any part of your house.

    a model using the wipe to clean sauce

    Promising review: "Nice product for easy use. It cleans my glass top stove nicely and doesn't leave a film. I also use it on my auto glass windshield to remove the oils, etc. and then use a window cleaner. It works nicely. I use it in my sink and around the bathroom. It's easy to use and just toss when it's used up." β€”MindyMarie2

    Price: $4.94

    28. An aromatherapy air diffuser so you can feel relaxed the second you walk into your home.

    a white diffuser glowing blue

    Promising review: "I've had mine for a year now and it still works. It kept my dorm room and my room at home smelling amazing. This can also work in living rooms and bathrooms. Truly a great product!" β€”Nya

    Price: $19.78

    29. A set of Wonder Hangers that'll ensure you can buy as many clothes as you want and not worry about the space in your closet.

    a box of hangers

    Promising review: "I ordered two packs and this was enough to do my wardrobe, my fiance's, and my child's into one closet with some left over! I am TRULY Impressed! Will be buying again when I move!" β€”Jamie

    Price: $28.73

    30. An automatic soap dispenser because you're probably washing your hands more than ever, why not make it more exciting?

    the soap dispenser in white

    Price: $32.99

    31. And a cocktail bar set because if quarantine has taught us anything it's that you definitely need an at-home bar.

    a silver cocktail making kit

    Price: $16.69

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