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    31 Things From Target That’ll Make Your Backyard Your Favorite Place To Hang Out This Summer

    Say hello to your new summer getaway...without going anywhere. ;)

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    1. A two-burner gas grill that's sleek and compact so even those of us with the smallest outdoor spaces can cook up some burgers and hot dogs. It simply wouldn't be summer without a good old-fashioned BBQ.

    Stainless steel compact grill with food on the grill and chips and salsa on left side tray, bbq tools on right side tray

    2. A five-piece sectional set with removable ottoman so you can arrange it anyway you see fit. Remember what I said about bringing your living room outside? I was being very serious.

    Brown wicker sectional with white cushions and glass top table

    3. An outdoor rug that'll be the foundation of introducing elements of your living room into your backyard until it becomes just as cozy.

    Orange and white striped rug

    4. A solar-powered lantern for a little ambience in your backyard. Hang it from a tree or get a few and line them up along your patio so you can sit back and enjoy complete serenity.

    Oval shaped, brown rattan solar lantern

    5. A fade and water resistant ottoman so you can kick your feet up and relax. It has a tropical design that'll bring a little paradise to your backyard...ahem...I mean ~oasis.~

    Green and blue palm design ottoman

    6. A chic 3-piece metal mesh patio set that's so nice it looks like it belongs inside. It's rust-resistant so it'll be serving those modern looks on your patio every summer from here on out.

    Two metal mesh chairs with gray cushions, round bistro table

    7. A super inviting reversible outdoor throw pillow for a little decorative flair that'll make your space even cozier.

    Pink and orange outdoor lumbar pillow with greeting "Stay Awhile" and white tassels on the ends

    8. An oversized chaise lounge chair that'll make you feel like you're in a poolside resort as you soak up the sun.

    Chaise lounge chair with white cushion and wicker backrest

    9. A set of classy outdoor plastic dinner plates because we're getting fancy this summer and saying goodbye to wasteful paper plates without dirtying (or damaging) our normal kitchenware.

    Dinner plates in white, coral, charcoal and blue

    10. An outdoor waste bin for easy-peasy cleanup after your BBQ. It's made from durable resin and has a bottom panel that prevents leaks. Helloooo carefree summer. 👋👋👋

    Brown outdoor waste bid with hide away lid opened up

    11. A solar-powered light-up umbrella that's got your back day and night. Stay cool under the shade during the day and enjoy a little ambience with twinkly LEDs at night. You're officially never leaving your backyard.

    Navy blue outdoor umbrella with solar powered LED lights underneath

    12. An indoor/outdoor bar cart to add a fun burst of color to your patio. Wheel it to wherever you're lounging and have all your sunbathing necessities — and summer bevvies — at your fingertips.

    Yellow bar cart with plants, pitcher and cup on top shelf, books on bottom shelf

    13. A three-piece rust-resistant bistro set so you can make the most of the summer weather and enjoy your morning cup of coffee...or sunset your new and improved backyard.

    Brown wicker bistro set with two cushioned chairs, blue throw pillows, and round table

    14. A modern dining set with swivel chairs. Need I say more? We brought the living room outside, now we're bringing the dining room. Besides, eating indoors in the summertime is blasphemous.

    Square outdoor dining table surrounded by wicker swivel chairs

    15. An acacia wood rocking chair set so you and your partner don't have to fight over who gets to sit in the fun chair.

    Two wooden rocking chairs with white cushions and striped blue and white accent pillows

    16. A woven cotton hammock complete with hammock stand. No trees? No problem. Imagine naps in this bad boy. Oh, yes.

    Model lounging in blue striped hammock on black hammock stand

    17. A hanging boho rope hammock chair that's going to be the most coveted spot in your backyard. Buyer beware: this chair might cause some minor arguments between you and your family members over who gets to sit in it. My advice is get out there early and claim it for the day.

    Rope hammock chair with blue accent pillows

    18. A grill topper pan so you can expand your horizons from the usual BBQ meal and cook up something gourmet without worrying about the extremely annoying task of cleaning the grill after. Grill brushes are sooo last summer.

    Shrimp and clams cooking in pan on top of grill

    19. An outdoor projector set that'll take your movie nights to a whole new level. The projector itself is compatible with your phone or laptop and comes on a tripod with full-motion movement.

    Projector screen with projector on tripod

    20. A fun sprinkler system for those of us who aren't blessed with a pool. Your kids will love it and it'll save you from the hassle of daily trips to the local pool or water park.

    Kids running around sprinkler

    21. A set of water-repellent outdoor cushions so it won't be the end of the world when you accidentally leave them out during a storm. Just wipe the water away and pretend like nothing happened.

    White cushion on wooden chair next to stacked cushions in various colors

    22. A hanging jute and stoneware planter that will be the pièce de résistance to your boho-inspired porch.

    Brown and white cone shaped planters with jute rope and plants inside

    23. A string (or two) of bistro lights to hang from your porch, railings, trellis, or gazebo to make your backyard even more homey. Like that's even possible at this point. 😝

    Black string lights with industrial glass bulbs

    24. A three-piece bar island so you can whip up some signature, summer cocktails and then sit back and enjoy them with somebody special. It's got a roomy bottom shelf that's perfect to store your outdoor barware. No more trips to and from the kitchen.

    Brown wicker bar island with two matching stools

    25. A pretty little ceramic wind chime that'll bring some gentle and soothing tones to your outdoor space. Peace at last.

    Beige ceramic wind chime with brown geometric design, hanging from brown rope

    26. A few solar-powered pathway lights to illuminate your walkway or garden without your electricity bill dimming down your bank account.

    Three solar panel pathway lights in rocks

    27. An adorable pool float so you can channel your inner sloth and do nothing but lay back and chill in your pool all day.

    Sloth shaped pool float

    28. A waterproof Bluetooth speaker because how are you going to truly relax in your pool without your favorite summer tunes blasting in the background?

    JBL mini square bluetooth speaker

    29. A 17-piece stainless steel BBQ toolset with everything you need to prepare your favorite yummy summer dishes. Move over Bobby Flay, there's a new grill master in town.

    Tool box of stainless steel grilling tools

    30. A rolling cooler cart so you really never have to make a trip back to the kitchen. It has a bottle opener, drainage cap, and eight quart capacity...basically, it's got it allll.

    Red cooler cart filled with beer and soda, bottle opener on bottom right and shelf underneath

    31. An outdoor fire pit with a cooking grill grate so you don't have to trek all the way to the woods for some good ol' camping fun. S'mores anyone?

    Round fire pit with moon and star shape slates on the side

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