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    29 Dresses That'll Have You Getting Compliment After Compliment

    I sincerely hope you enjoy being the center of attention because these dresses are going to give you a lot of it.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A pocketed and belted sheath dress that gives you options. You can wear it off the shoulder if you wanna ~show off a li'l skin~ or as a classic boat neck if you wanna keep it more modest. You know what that means — it's both office and happy hour approved!

    A customer review photo of them wearing the dress in blue

    2. A tie-waist batwing sweater dress because looking put together is just an added bonus. Its primary purpose is to keep you incredibly comfy.

    3. A swinging faux-wrap dress available in so many great prints, you may stop reading right here and order one in every color. I know it's great, but please, continue reading — there's more where that came from.

    4. A knit turtleneck dress you can wear for a winter date night...and continue to wear when you and your S.O. ultimately decide to stay in and order DoorDash instead.

    5. A long-sleeve T-shirt dress because we need one for every season. It's understated, making it perfect for layering, yet can be worn on its own with some tights or leggings to still keep you super cozy and super cute.

    6. A puff-sleeve dress fit for a debutant such as yourself. It's graceful yet casual, classic yet trendy — truly an enigma — how can one little dress be so many things?

    A model wearing the dress in black

    7. A slouchy oversized tunic dress because dressing up doesn't have to involve wearing fitted (ie: uncomfortable) clothing. No, this li'l number has all the comfort benefits of your favorite beat-up T-shirt but looks way more fabulous.

    8. A sweatshirt dress — the T-shirt dress's cozier (yet equally as cute) cousin. This and a pair of platform sneaks? Be more effortlessly stylish, I dare you.

    9. A knit turtleneck sweater dress that's basically the coziest sweater of your dreams turned into a chic, fancy dress.

    10. A super cozy oversized sweater to wear with some tights and knee-high boots, allowing you to circumvent the "dress code" your friends had in mind when they said "dress up" for your GNO.

    11. A waffle-knit tie dress on the same comfort level as your favorite thermal pajamas. The only difference is that the dress is very stylish (my apologies to your PJs).

    12. A flowy but fitted wrap dress that will make you want to take up swing dancing so you can take advantage of its ruffles and feel them fluttering around you. And yes, "taking up swing dancing" can totally mean wearing this in your apartment and having a dance party with your cats. If only they had a matching dress to wear...

    A customer review photo of them wearing the dress in army green

    13. A roomy plaid shirt dress because if there was ever a time to wear plaid, it's now. Plus, it has double pockets, so you may want to wear it all year round for sheer convenience.

    14. A pleated-skirt midi dress that'll have you spinning around dramatically every chance you get.

    15. A ruffled-hem dress that's definitely what Sixpence None the Richer had in mind when they sang, "Swing that spinning step, / you wear those shoes, and I will wear that dress." To this day, I'm not sure what a swinging step is, but you should buy this dress, wear it while playing that song, and find out.

    16. A ribbed turtleneck dress you can wear on your days off or your days on. Of course, you could wear it to dinner, but it's perfectly suitable for a day of lounging around and keeping warm as well. Bet you didn't think you'd be that person, huh? Well, get ready for a whole new you this year.

    17. A maxi dress that'll have you feeling like an heiress whose only plan for the day is frolicking around the know what they say, dress for the job you want.

    18. A collared flare dress in case you've been watching the Wednesday series on Netflix and have been feeling ~Burton-esque~ lately.

    19. A shift dress designed with a square neck and puff sleeves that'll go great with a pair of cute sneakers and a brunch date with your besties.

    20. A three-quarter-sleeve midi dress you can wear ~off to the races~ with a big floppy hat. You might even be able to leave your purse at home considering this dress has not one, not two, but three pockets.

    21. A satin cowl neck dress because satin = pure elegance. Fretting over black-tie events is a thing of the past when you've got this gorgeous dress in your closet. In fact, you'll probably wish you had more weddings to go to just so you could wear it.

    Reviewer wearing blue satin cowl neck dress

    22. A ruffly tie-waist dress with a unique design that's basically a work of art in itself — which is fitting since you're a work of art as well.

    23. A tiered mini dress because prairie dresses have been at the top of the trend list for quite some time now, and with this relaxed fit, we definitely see why.

    24. A flared dress that's not like the rest. No, these sleeves give it an added ~je ne sais quoi~ you won't find just anywhere.

    A customer review photo of them wearing the dress in black

    25. A ribbed V-neck skater dress in case you consider yourself ~too cool for school~ and up until this very moment, you thought you were too cool to wear dresses. Rocker chic meet flowy skirt.

    26. A tiered-skirt tunic dress for your lazy days, your dress-up days, your picnic days, your out-to-dinner days, your casual days, your...well, you get the picture. Basically, you'll always be able to find an occasion to wear this dress.

    27. A V-neck maxi dress, aka living proof you can be covered from head to toe in fabric and still feel your sexiest.

    Reviewer wearing black v-neck maxi dress

    28. A velvet mini dress that's not only super stylin' but also so soft to the touch, you'll probably end up just petting yourself the whole time you're wearing it. But, hey, who said that was a bad thing?

    Reviewer wearing red velvet mini dress with fishnets and black knee high boots

    29. And a floral maxi dress in case you *actually* like long walks on the beach. Can't you just picture yourself wearing this with your toes in the sand and the sun setting over the ocean in the background? Summer's only five (!!) months away, better start preparing.

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.