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    31 Products From Target With Hundreds Of 5-Star Reviews *And* That Will Practically Pay For Themselves

    Just a few things that'll save you money, time, stress and frustration in nearly every aspect of your life. You're welcome.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A set of leak-proof food storage containers so you can save yourself from making dinner tomorrow night...and from cleaning your fridge more than is absolutely necessary.

    Five stack food containers with food inside

    2. A Garnier three-in-one moisturizing hair mask that'll save and restore your color-treated hair without the use of parabens, artificial colorants, or expensive salon treatments.

    Model holding hair mask tub in hand

    3. A mini single-serve Keurig because the thought of having to make a full pot of coffee makes us do crazy things. Like buy a $5 cup of coffee every day. This is your solution.

    Black Keurig mini with yellow mug

    4. An ArmorAll protectant solution that not only saves you from trips to the carwash by cleaning the dirt and dust buildup from your car's interior, but also protects your car from UV rays that cause cracking and fading over time. Move over new car scent, there's a new sheriff in town.

    ArmorAll original protectant bottle

    5. An oscillating fan with five speeds so you no longer have to turn your AC on full blast just to get some sleep on a scorching summer night.

    White oscillating tower fan in front of model on chair

    6. A two-in-one food preservation system that keeps food fresh up to five times longer than ordinary food storage and has an express bag maker that lets you make custom-sized bags. A moment of silence for all the bags of chips that were prematurely thrown away. Gone too soon.

    the black food preservation system with vacuum-sealed bags of deli meats, cheese, cookies and pretzels

    7. A Brita water bottle with a built-in filter so you can save money and the environment at the same time.

    Blue filtered water bottle with white cap

    8. A Tile starter pack with a slim Tile for your wallet and a keychain Tile for your keys or phone because even the thought of losing my phone is enough to send me into a panic.

    9. A makeup brush cleaner because as much as I hate to admit it, all that work your expensive face cleanser is doing pretty much goes to waste without regular makeup brush upkeep. Plus, it'll extend the shelf life of your makeup brushes. And those things are pretty expensive. Beauty is pain.

    EcoTools makeup brush cleaner surrounding by different sized makeup brushes

    10. A string of solar-powered bistro lights so you can enjoy summer nights the way they were meant to be enjoyed. Meaning, no impending-electricity-bill-doom ruining your experience. Sit back and relax.

    String lights hanging in backyard patio

    11. A Steripod toothbrush cover that uses thymol, an ingredient found in mouthwash, to keep your toothbrush clean and sanitized for up to three months.

    Purple steripod next to pink toothbrush

    12. A protective iPad case with a magnetic front shield that prevents the iPad's very expensive screen from getting scratched or nicked. It also has a fully lined interior that's been scientifically proven — yes, experiments and all — to protect your tablet from a drop of up to four feet.

    Black Speck case on ipad folded under

    13. A set of reusable silicone sandwich bags so you don't have to rely on single-use plastic bags for your kid's on-the-go snacks. Plus, they come in fun colors, so they're just better all around.

    14. An extendable drying rack that has all the appeal of a small drying rack with none of the inconvenience. It conserves counter space when its not in use but extends when you need to dry an entire sink's worth of dishes.

    Extendable drying rack with mugs, glasses, plates and silverware

    15. A customizable smart all-in-one sleep and alarm device to help you fall asleep, stay asleep and gently wake up. It has a smartphone app with a library of soothing sounds and ambient lighting so you can create a personalized sleep and waking routine. Proper rest pays off. Just look how happy the model is to be waking up at 7:49 a.m. I want that.

    Model waking up next to Hatch sleep solution

    16. A pair of energy-saving blackout curtains that'll reduce energy loss through your windows by 25% and save you from interrupted sleep.

    two beige curtain panels on a window

    17. A turntable organizer for a 360-degree view of your refrigerator's contents. I don't know about you, but I've lost one too many soldiers to expiration dates.

    White turn table organizer with salt and pepper shaker in it

    18. A Hoover carpet cleaner that deep cleans and removes the inevitable stains from your once-pristine white carpet. You know what's not inevitable? Hiring a professional carpet cleaner. Who knew!

    Hoover Carpet Cleaner removing stain on carpet while children draw in the background

    19. A waterproof eight-in-one trimmer grooming kit because eyebrow upkeep is necessary but spending money to get threaded every two weeks is not. Oh, and it'll save you from a lot of pain too. I take back what I said about beauty being pain earlier.

    The 8-in-1 motorized trimming kit

    20. A tin of Kiwi shoe polish that'll keep your favorite leather shoes looking fresh for years and years. No need to shed a tear the next time you get a scuff — Kiwi's got you covered.

    Kiwi brown leather shoe polish

    21. A plant-based moth-repellent bag that is made with natural, pleasant smelling oils to protect your pantry and closet from those pesky little shirt-eating insects.

    Moth repellent bag in pantry

    22. A two-step gum "detoxifying" and whitening toothpaste treatment. Step one improves gum health by neutralizing bacteria and step two brightens your smile all within one week of use. Coffee drinkers rejoice! We actually don't need that expensive, professional whitening treatment.

    Crest Gum Detoxify and Whitening 2 step kit

    23. A daily moisturizer with SPF 30 because protecting your face from harmful UV rays every day is key in keeping your skin healthy and happy. Who needs expensive facials? Not us.

    La Roche-Posay SPF 30 moisturizer

    24. A mini tower air purifier that removes up to 99% of airborne particles and allergens with a filter that offers 30% better dust elimination than a traditional purifier. You can officially breathe easy.

    White air purifier on white table

    25. A glass screen protector so your heart doesn't have to drop every time you drop your phone. That sound. Terrifying.

    Glass screen protector over iPhone

    26. A box of garbage disposal cleaners that foam away odor-causing build up and leaves your sink with a fresh lemon scent. Imagine no longer walking up to your sink with dread and disgust.

    Box of Lemi Shine disposal cleaner next to sink

    27. A pack of rechargeable batteries because has anyone ever had batteries on hand when they desperately need them? Also, packs of batteries are way too pricey to just have lying around, in my opinion. But I think you'll agree.

    Energizer 4 pack of rechargeable batteries

    28. A three-in-one clog destroyer that unclogs drains, protects your pipes and prevents clogs with monthly use. Put the phone down, you don't have to call the plumber just yet.

    Model pouring clog destroyer into bathtub drain

    29. A Tide to-go stick because we refuse to lose another one of our favorite shirts to a set-in stain. Oh, you spilled salad dressing all over yourself at lunch and won't be home for another four hours? Do. Not. Panic.

    Model using Tide To-Go stick in car

    30. A pair of Scotch-Brite reusable sponges made from 100% natural plant fibers that are an economical and eco-friendly alternative to paper towels. Just throw them in the dishwasher when needed and pat yourself on the back for saving money and the environment.

    31. A knife sharpener that is safe and easy to use so you don't have to deal with the nightmarish experience of cutting a tomato with a dull knife. Or get your knives professionally sharpened. Where do you even go for that? Sounds like a hassle to me.

    The knife sharpener

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