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50 Shades Of Contour: 10 Signs That The Universe Is Telling You To Buy More Makeup

Feeling the urge to buy more makeup but not so sure you actually need it? This may help.

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1. You already have 500 shades of brown eyeshadow and made a commitment to not buy any more until you get through what you have, but your fave beauty vlogger just happened to release a new tutorial on the same day using a brown shadow you DON’T have.

2. You can’t imagine what life would be like without those 108,587 makeup brushes taking up your entire vanity, that take over 2 hours to clean.

3. Even your dreams are in a YouTube tutorial format.

4. You can’t remember the last time you didn’t contemplate spending all of your rent money on a Sephora haul. How bad could it be, right?

5. You have about 17 opened tubes of mascara but still aren’t satisfied.

6. You could paint a giant mural of rainbows on the side of the White House with all the liquid lipsticks you own, but have only opened and used 2, bought 50 more during the Jeffree Star sale, and your heart still aches for more.

7. You daydream frequently about how there’s almost nothing you wouldn’t do for a lifetime supply of beauty blenders. #Savage

8. Your main motivation for professional success (a.k.a. keeping a job) is to fund your makeup habit.

9. You're not above trying (and have been known) to reenact the latest YouTube tutorial on the closest child or open-minded man you can find.

10. You’d rather lose your significant other than your makeup bag. Priorities, right?

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