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15 Liz Lemon GIFs That Perfectly Sum Up Being An RA In College

"There ain't no party like a Liz Lemon party 'cuz a Liz Lemon party is mandatory."

1. When you start the semester off feeling invincible thanks to your newfound authority.

2. When you get excited about organizing meetings and activities for your house.

3. When you realize how much older you are than your residents.

4. When you enthusiastically organize your first meeting.

5. When you have weekend duty for the first time.

6. When someone pukes in the hallway and doesn't clean it up.

7. When you're too lazy to put on real clothes to do rounds.

8. When you catch someone breaking the rules.

9. And when they try to bribe you.

10. When you're awkwardly trying to comfort a resident going through a personal crisis.

11. When you put a ton of effort into planning an event and barely anyone shows up.

12. When it gets to the end of the semester and you stop caring about rule violations.

13. When you're juggling your RA duties with another part-time job, all while trying to maintain a mediocre GPA and some kind of social life.

14. When you wonder why you put yourself through it all.

15. But then you remember that when you graduate you'll have ~slightly~ less debt to pay off.

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