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12 Things To Look Forward To When Coming To Gettysburg College

So you decided on enrolling in one of the best liberal arts colleges in the nation? Congrats! Now, here are a few things to look forward to when coming to campus in August!

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1. The First-Year Walk

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During Orientation, you and and the rest of the Class of 2019 walk as a group to the Gettysburg National Cemetery, where Lincoln delivered one of the most well known speeches in history: The Gettysburg Address. This annual event brings together the Class of 2019 by recognizing this historic event that makes Gettysburg College the unique and close-knit college that it is today.

2. Dog Days

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In the beginning of the school year, during midterms, and finals week, professors and faculty, community members, and other students bring their dogs to campus in order to let students relieve some angst by playing with dogs. This "fur therapy" is a great way for you to take your mind off stressful topics!

3. Servo Cookies

Chocolate chip, M&M, Oreo, snickerdoodle, sugar, you name it, Servo's got it. You'll realize what you've been missing your whole life when you have a warm, freshly-baked cookie from the Servo dining hall. Get excited.

4. A Nationally-Ranked, Beautiful Campus

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Ranked in the top-50 most beautiful campuses nation-wide in 2015 (, Gettysburg College sets itself apart from other campuses by being integrated in the gorgeous and historically-relevant National Military Park of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Surrounded by rolling hills and majestic monuments, as a Gettysburg student, you have the pleasurable opportunity to have such amazing surroundings right outside your doorstep.

5. One-of-a-kind First-Year Seminar

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At Gettysburg College, having such a unique seminar program is something that makes our college as great as it is. By taking a seminar, you're plunged into an environment of intense discussion and interaction with your fellow classmates and professor on issues that have sparked your interest in the past. With our wide-range of seminars that are socially relevant, thought-provoking, and sometimes flat-out weird (like "Bubonic Plague, Avian Flu, and Zombies: Pandemics Past, Present, Future" or "But Is It Crazy Enough?"), there is a seminar for you!

6. Bonding With Your RAs, OLs, and Your First-Year Floor

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The people you meet when you first get to campus may very well be with you the rest of your time at Gettysburg and beyond. Living in a close-knit dorm is conducive for creating relationships with your fellow Class of 2019 members and your Resident Assistants (who are extremely excited to get to know you!). You'll learn you can't simply do everything on your own and you'll need support; having a bond with your RAs and roommates/hall-mates is sometimes the best place to go!

7. Chicken Finger Friday

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If you've visited campus or have had a tour, you most likely passed the Bullet Hole in the College Union Building (aka CUB). The Bullet Hole offers a sandwich-line, hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, pizza, but most importantly: Chicken Fingers. Students swarm to Bullet during lunchtime and dinnertime every Friday to get in on these delicious deep-fried beauties. And you will too! (plus, if you follow the Dining Services of Gettysburg College on Facebook, you could win the t-shirt featured in the picture above).

8. Opening Convocation

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Every incoming class goes through a ceremony called Convocation. This event marks the start of your Gettysburg College career. The Class of 2019 will gather in front of Penn Hall in order to listen to inspiring speeches from various professors, staff, and our wonderful president, Janet Morgan Riggs. You will then walk up the steps and through the door ways of Penn Hall in order to symbolize your beginning as a Gettysburg College student!

9. Field Day

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Another part of Orientation is Field Day! On this day, you're split up into buildings in order to compete against one another in races, trivia, and more. So, you can feed your need for competition but also have the opportunity to bond with your building mates!

10. Intramural Sports

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Gettysburg College is highly ranked by the Princeton Review when it comes to intramural sports. You can get a bunch of your friends together or sign up solo to play basketball, soccer, water polo, and lots more! Visit the Gettysburg College Athletics webpage for more info. Also, make sure to check off "yes" when the First-Year Dashboard asks if you're interested in participating!

11. All the Activities and Clubs You Can Sign Up For

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Gettysburg College has over 120 clubs and organizations you can get involved in. From academic, to cultural, to athletic, there is definitely a club for you! Have you always liked singing? Join one of Gettysburg College's acapella groups or try out for the spring musical! Did you watch "Pirates of the Caribbean" a lot as a kid and loved sword fighting? Get involved in the fencing club! Are you passionate about social justice issues and gender equality? Look into SASA (Students Against Sexual Assault)!

Check out to get more information.

12. Leadership Opportunities

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Gettysburg College has a strong history of creating excellent leaders in the realms of politics, military, business, social justice, education, and more. In order to keep up this tradition of excellence, Gettysburg College has numerous opportunities for you to expand your role as a leader. By looking into programs such as the Garthwait Leadership Center or the Eisenhower Institute, you can gain the tools you'll need to transform yourself into a driven role-model; something that is invaluable in and outside the classroom!

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