11 Affirmations Inspired By "King Richard" (As Well As Serena And Venus Williams)

    A cheat sheet to get on Serena and Venus Williams' mental level!

    King Richard is the 2021 biopic that depicts the journey to stardom for tennis players Serena and Venus Williams. Although the movie shows the sisters' early years, it mainly focuses on their father, Richard Williams, and his methods for making their success happen.

    In case you didn't know, affirmations are positive statements you can repeat to yourself in order to help in reprogramming your mind.

    And I, for one, have not been more excited about affirmative statements in a film since The Help.

    So let's get inspired! Also, if you haven't watched already (what are you doing?!), beware that there are spoilers ahead!

    1. "I am a winner."

    Sayings written on signs hanging up

    2. "If I fail to plan, I plan to fail."

    Saying on a magnet on a refrigerator

    3. "Stay calm, keep a clean heart, and be humble."

    4. "I will be respected."

    5. "My confidence will not waver."

    king richard and venus interview

    6. "I’m in the champion-making business."

    7. "I know my worth."

    8. "I know who I am, I know where I've come from, and I trust where I'm going."

    Venus and Oracene Williams from king richard

    9. "There's nothing I can't do."

    serena and venus in king richard, looking out a car window

    10. "I inspire."

    11. "I have the game to beat anyone. I just have to play it."

    These are just a handful of affirmations inspired by the film. The entire movie is full of motivational quotes — after all, it depicts a true story about perseverance and the pursuit of excellence. King Richard is absolutely worth a watch and is currently streaming on HBO Max.