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    Zayn Malik Revealed An Alien Told Him To Leave One Direction

    Fuck you, E.T.

    By now, the wounds of Zayn Malik's early departure from One Direction have started to heal, especially with the help of his solo music.

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    But we never quite FULLY understood why he abruptly left the band — that is, UNTIL NOW!

    Zayn took some out with Glamour to reveal all of his "firsts" and things got ~~extraterrestrial~~ when they asked the singer the first time he thought about leaving 1D:

    Q: First time you realized you wanted to break off from 1D and go off on your own?

    A: An alien spoke to me in a dream….

    It's not quite clear if Zayn was serious or joking around (he also told Glamour in the same interview that his first failure was "wearing pastel colors") but if this is the REAL reason, THANKS A LOT, E.T.!