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We Had Winston Duke Read Thirst Tweets And He Was Hilariously Uncomfortable With Your Thirst

"Where'd you get these?!"

With the upcoming release of the highly-anticipated thriller Us, we had the star of the film Winston Duke take part of our Thirst Tweets series...

...And boy, are you all THIRSTY:

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M’Baku could blow my M’Back out if he wanted to.


I’d eat Winston Duke’s ass like an almond joy. I want to cook him breakfast and I hate cooking.


Winston Duke is a fine thick piece of meat. Like a renaissance fair turkey leg. I want a bite


Listen. Winston Duke could literally rip me in half and my spirit would thank him


Winston Duke is the kind of man I need. The kind of man that can pick you up with ease and wraps your legs around his shoulders. A STRONG feminist.


it’s been almost a year since i decided i’d let winston duke crush my skull between his thighs and i just want you all to know that nothing has changed and i still mean every syllable


the us trailer: terrifying winston duke in these dad glasses and comfy clothes threatening people with a baseball bat: dreamy af


Winston Duke isn't even a snack he is a four course meal and a dinner mint.


I would birth Winston Duke’s children, no question. As many as he wants. I’m gone be pregnant for 10 years straight.


Wanna thirst more over Winston Duke? Make sure to catch Us in theaters March 22.