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We Had The Cast Of "Batman V Superman" Draw Their Dream Superheroes

Watch out, Justice League!

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We interviewed the cast of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and challenged each of them to draw and describe their dream superhero they think the world could use:

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But we didn't stop there! We took their superhero sketches and brought them to life by turning them into illustrated masterpieces. Here's what the heroic cast came up with:

Ben Affleck thought the world could use more empathy so he created "Mr. Understanding":

Ben Affleck / BuzzFeed

Description: He's very sensitive, kind, and bald (but owns a wig collection).

Superpowers: He possesses a remarkable ability to easily spread love and he's insanely talented when it comes to posing in bodybuilding competitions.

Weakness: He's just too kind.


Gal Gadot thought the world needed more positivity, so she created "Posigirl":

Gal Gadot / BuzzFeed

Description: She has red hair, has a big heart, and is from New York.

Superpower: She has the ability to spread insane positivity and peace while serving justice.

Weakness: Pessimists.

Amy Adams wanted a father-oriented superhero, so she created "Husbandman":

Amy Adams / BuzzFeed

Description: He's nice and a good-looking guy with developed muscles.

Superpowers: Understanding, good listener, super strength, incredible cleaner, remarkable father, and he's not afraid to cry.

Weakness: Shirts and dirt.

*Amy Adams specified that Mark Ruffalo would play "Husbandman" in a movie adaptation.


Zack Snyder created a troubled superhero (that the world pretty much already has) and created "iPhone Man:"

Zack Snyder / BuzzFeed

Description: He was created in a Silicon Valley lab by geniuses in order to help the world but he ended up controlling everyone's lives.

Superpowers: He's able to adopt personalities from others and can harness total control over humans.

Weakness: Electricity.