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    14 Pokémon Hilariously Renamed By Parents


    We had the BuzzFeed Community text their parents and ask them to name random Pokémon. Here are the hilarious names their parents chose:

    1. Gastly gave one parent fruit vibes:

    Submitted by lydiarrogers

    2. ...and same with Gloom:

    Submitted by vanessam

    3. Flareon reminded someone's mom of a certain ~politician~:

    Submitted by jennypretzel

    4. One mom thought Jynx should be named after herself:

    Submitted by 11award1

    5. ...while another mom thought she should be named after Yoncé:

    Submitted by lexidelorme

    6. Drowzee looked like he was covered in shit to one mom:

    Submitted by thebigpeach

    7. One mom saw the cuteness in Clefairy:

    Christian Zamora / Buzzfeed

    Submitted by christianzamora

    8. One mom found the perfect human name for Pikachu:

    Submitted by tia2lala

    9. Snorlax looked like a Phillip to one mom:

    Submitted by mndfl

    10. One mom thought of food when she named Graveler:

    Submitted by nataliep

    11. Snorlax looked ~with child~ to one mom:

    Submitted by marcir6

    12. One dad kept it 💯 when he named Grimer:

    Submitted by hbvampire

    13. Eevee screamed a Sex and the City character to one mom:

    14. And one dad thought of Jurassic Park when he named Vaporeon:

    Well, at least they tried!

    OLM, Inc.

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