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    We Had Mariah Carey Play With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions And It Was Festive, Dharling

    Mimi Claus came!

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    It's not even December and Mariah Carey's modern-day holiday classic "All I Want For Christmas Is You" is already cracking the Top 100 songs on iTunes. After turning the essential holiday track into a best-selling children's book in 2015, Mimi Claus is back this Christmas with another stocking stuffer: a festive animated film based of the book called — you guessed it — All I Want For Christmas Is You.

    We sat down with Mariah to ask her questions about the holidays and brought along some elf-sized friends for extra holiday cheer. Sorry Mr. Claus, but I think we already got everything we wanted for Christmas this year!

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    Do you remember how you found out that Santa wasn't real?


    "What are you talking about? Santa comes every year! Even the dogs are at odds about this."

    What's your favorite holiday tradition?


    "Everything about the holidays is just so much fun that I don't even know how to explain it while watching these puppies fight with each other. They're so adorable!"

    What's the one thing YOU want for Christmas this year?


    "I'll be happy with anything, it's the thought that counts!"

    When can we expect a new album from you?


    "As soon as I get back in the studio after Christmas because right now, we're celebrating the fact that we have a [gets distracted by a puppy]."

    Did you ever think "All I Want For Christmas" would become such a Christmas classic?


    "I wasn't thinking about that, I was just recording a Christmas song. That's a boring answer but it's the truth!"

    Make sure to grab your copy of Mariah's latest gift to the holidays, All I Want For Christmas Is You, in stores and VOD now.


    And to adopt one of these insanely adorable puppies, head over to Vanderpump Dogs to learn more!


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