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    Posted on Jan 11, 2018

    Troye Sivan Really Did That With His New Single, And "My My My," Am I Gayer

    What the American people needed!

    Leave it to Troye Sivan to deliver a queer-centric pulsating visual that had me gayer than I was yesterday for his new, and truly amazing, single "My My My!" (Note: Yesterday I was at home sick watching gay porn on mute with Britney's Femme Fatale playing on loop so my roommate wouldn't hear the sucks and the moans, so yeah.)

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    In the video for his lead single off his highly anticipated upcoming sophomore album, Troye's vocals soar over a synth beat as the Skinny King serves infinitely fierce Robyn-esque moves in epileptic fashun, THUS saving 2018 from the straight agenda.

    I mean, DAD.

    The mid-tempo rom-bop was produced by Görresput and put Troye back in the writing studio with "Youth" songwriter Leland, giving us some of his most gorgeous lyrics to date:


    Spark up, buzz cut
    I got my tongue between your teeth
    Go slow, no, no, go fast
    You like it just as much as me

    Now, let's stop running from love
    Running from love
    Let's stop, my baby
    Let's stop running from us
    Running from us
    Let's stop, my baby

    Oh my, my, my!
    I die every night with you
    Oh my, my, my!
    Living for your every move

    I swear to Carly Rae Jepsen, if the American people let this one flop...


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