22 Travel Hacks You Need To Know This Holiday Season

    Merry travels.

    1. Buy tickets on Sundays for the best deal.

    2. Make sure to clear your history, cookies, and cache before searching flights.

    3. Book a red-eye, if possible.

    4. Fly out on the actual holiday.

    5. Bringing presents home? Don't wrap your gifts until you're at your destination.

    6. Use Seat Guru to plan your seating arrangement.

    7. Use the app GateGuru to map out your airport visit.

    8. Before you leave to go home for the holidays, get a flu shot.

    9. Use curbside check-in.

    10. Use the airline's app to get your boarding pass.

    11. Use airport TVs to charge your phone if all the plugs are taken.

    12. Bring a hoodie, even if you're flying somewhere warm for the holidays.

    13. Wear compression socks to increase blood circulation on longer flights home.

    14. Save holiday money by bringing your own liquor on your flight.

    15. Need to pass time on your flight home? Turn your smartphone into a TV.

    16. Staying at a hotel over the holidays with your kids? Turn your kids horizontal.

    17. If presents are taking up extra space in your luggage, roll your clothes, don't fold them.

    18. Hate the smell of luggage? Use a dryer sheet!

    19. Traveling with your New Year's jewelry? Find an old button.

    20. If you're taking any holiday treats or goodies, keep them refrigerated during your flight with frozen sponges.

    21. Pack holiday wine and/or champagne with ease.

    22. Keep all your bobby pins in one place by storing them in a Tic Tac container.

    Merry travels!