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15 Times Ms. Frizzle From "The Magic School Bus" Should've Been Fired

Tenure, everyone!

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6. Let's not forget about the time Frizz took the kids INSIDE A TORNADO TO GO UP A CHICKEN'S BUTT.

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Cuz that's obviously the easiest way to learn about eggs.


13. Because she ran out of dangerous places to travel with the kids, she thought it was a good idea to take them BACK IN TIME to chill with carnivorous dinosaurs.

14. And at one point, she simply stopped giving fucks and LEFT A LIZARD in charge of her FIFTH GRADERS.

And so they got baked in an oven because you can't leave reptiles in charge of kids.

Basically, at least once every episode Ms. Frizzle should've been fired for putting kids in life-threatening situations.


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