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    19 Times Batman And Robin Perfectly Summed Up Your Gay Relationship

    The Batcave isn't an exit only.

    1. When one of you went through an identity crisis and tried to reinvent your look.

    2. When you found out your fave gay couple was doing things without you.

    3. When you finally moved in together and hosted a fabulous housewarming party with all your close friends.

    4. When it was time to reveal your relationship to a conservative family member who was starting to pick up on your sexuality.

    5. When one of your moms came to town and wanted to stay at your place instead of getting a hotel room.

    6. When you started role playing.

    7. When you went on "a break" and tried to get rid of everything that reminded you of each other.

    8. When you discovered pictures of the other's ex-boyfriend and became totally irrational.

    9. When you decided one weekend to take advantage of Groupon deals.

    10. When you wanted to be the "cool uncles" so you spoiled your nieces and nephews at Christmas.

    11. When one of you wanted go out with the boys and the other wanted to stay in.

    12. When one of you started hanging out with a new girlfriend a little too much.

    13. When you decided to bring in a third to spice things up.

    14. When you took your homosexual love for a weekend winter getaway in the mountains.

    15. When you attempted to hit up the bar scene for the first time in FOREVER and one of you got way too drunk.

    16. When you got your first dog and he was just way too cute.

    17. When all the other gays were spreading rumors about your relationship.

    18. When one of your ex-girlfriends from the closeted past came to town.

    19. And finally, when you decided to switch up who bottomed.