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Tiffany Young Played With Puppies While Answering Your Fan Questions And It'll Melt Your Heart

Puppies and a member of Girls' Generation? Yes, please.

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With the recent release of her debut American single "Over My Skin," Tiffany Young — aka K-pop Legend and member of Girls' Generation — stopped by BuzzFeed to play with adorable puppies while answering YOUR fan questions...


...and if this interview doesn't melt your heart, I don't know what will!

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1. What has been your favorite Girls’ Generation era and what’s your absolute favorite Girls’ Generation song? — sarahh205, blckwater


Tiffany Young: 2015, "Party" because that was a party. And my absolute favorite song would have to be "Into The New World" because that's what started the story!

2. What inspired your American debut single “Over My Skin” and can we expect you to release an album in the near future? — Christian


TY: "Over My Skin" is for everyone, about finally being comfortable in your own skin. I wanted to bring all the things I love about K-pop and all the things I love about the pop I grew up [with]. For an album, yes! I'm hoping to continuously put out music and hopefully have a body of work to share for my fans.

3. Every pop girl has a name for their fanbase — do you have a fandom name ready for your American career? — Viveca Antila


TY: Friends here were like, "We can call them Fannypacks!" I was like, "God, no!" But there are some really fun and creative names, so I'm really looking forward to what the fans come up with. So, let me know what you guys think! Don't say Fannypack...

4. Which "Talk Talk" is better: I Got A Boy's "Talk Talk" or Lion Heart's "Talk Talk"? — svtyzp


TY: I'm a huge fan of the Lion Heart "Talk Talk" because I had a lot of input on that album. That song I loved so much; I performed an acoustic version at my solo concert.

5. What has been the ugliest outfit you were forced to wear? — anonymous


TY: The "tour outfit," and I feel like everybody's like, "Yes!" That was not the pink we thought we were getting and then it was like, fluorescent-almost-obnoxious pink.

6. What has been the hardest challenge you’ve had to overcome during your career in the spotlight? — chezk


TY: I mean, everything is a challenge, but growing up in front of the bandmates and I were talking about certain things and they were like, "Wow, we grew up really well!" And I was like, "Yeah, pat on the back to everybody!" Growing up [in front of the camera] would probably be one of the toughest things but I'm here, at this interview. I made it!

7. What type of career would you have pursued if you didn't find success as a singer? — e4eb055d2c


TY: I feel like I would probably be doing the art-side or the behind-the-scenes side to music or fashion. Or puppies. [Laughs]

8. Do you think in Korean or English? — adrishin


TY: I guess I'm getting both worlds where I get to come here and say "I'm thinking in Korean" because I was always thinking in English when I was in Korea. I guess I'm flexing both muscles.

9. What is the secret to dancing in heels? How do you not break your ankle on the daily? — KelseyAlli


TY: My secret is having just as comfortable shoes when I'm off of them and balancing. Because, yes, it's unreal. My choreographer is unreal.

10. If you were a superhero, what kind of superpower would you have? —_taeyeons_


TY: Mind control. Oh my gosh, I look so creepy saying that! [Laughs] Wait, so does that make me Professor X?

BuzzFeed: Yes.

TY: Thank you. Call me Professor T.

11. You love the Spice Girls — who is your favorite Spice Girl?


TY: That's a hard question because you love all of them! But I did get to meet Victoria Beckham. She told me being in a girl band is amazing because you create family from that. And I was like, "You're right!" I love all of you [Girls' Generation].

Can't get enough of Tiffany? Make sure to grab her new single "Over My Skin," out now!

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