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17 You Need To Know When Dating A Beyoncé Fan

So crazy in love.

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1. Dating a member of the Beyhive comes with A LOT of baggage. Basically, you know you will never be their No. 1 because that spot in their heart belongs to Bey.

2. You learned rather quickly that you not only began a relationship with this person, but a polyamorous relationship with them and Beyoncé.

3. It's not that Beyoncé is just their favorite singer — Beyoncé is their religion, their source of power, THEIR BIRTH MOTHER. This life chose them.

4. Just like Beyoncé, they have an alter-ego that comes out to SERVE when her music starts to play...

5. ...And their alter-ego's name is most likely their name + "oncé" thrown at the end.


6. You've learned fans aren't for cooling down rooms, they're actually an invitation for a hair-blown performance.

7. And if Bey is coming to town to perform, you know to keep your calendar WIDE OPEN or else your plans will be canceled to make way for Queen B.

8. When you go out, you know there's a 100% chance "Single Ladies" choreography will be performed...


9. ...Or "Run The World" or "Sweet Dreams" or "Crazy In Love" OR LITERALLY ANYTHING BEYONCÉ.


10. Giving them the power of the aux cord is forfeiting your freedom to listen to anything other than Beyoncé.

11. And saying "there's nothing on TV to watch" will result in a max-volume screening of I Am... World Tour for the millionth time.

12. "Flawless" and "bootylicious" are just a couple of terms of endearment you've learned they're the most receptive to.

13. And you absolutely cannot give directions around them, because you know if you say "to the left," they'll break-out into an acoustic version of "Irreplaceable."

14. You don't DARE ask them what their favorite Bey song is or else they might suffer from a hemorrhage due to all the stress.

15. There was probably that one time you said one shady comment about Beyoncé...

16. ...And still to this day, you cannot talk about that dark moment in your relationship.

17. But even though dating a Beyoncé fan might seem like work, you admire their love for the queen, mainly because they've managed to turn you into a Beyoncé fan yourself.


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