21 Things You Googled When You Moved To LA

Juice cleanses still don’t make sense though.

1. Because everyone wouldn’t shut up about making everything “animal style”:

2. Because the one yesterday scared THE SHIT OUT OF YOU:

3. Because a co-worker told you they lived there:

4. Because of the Instagram opportunities:

5. Because you could finally stalk everywhere she went:

6. Because you thought it was some indie band everyone loved:

7. Because the signs were impossible for you to decipher:

8. Because you gave up on parking all together:

9. Because you kept getting charged 10 cents:

10. Because you wanted to find out if such a mystical thing existed:

11. Because you couldn’t afford a full time gym membership:

12. And because you didn’t know better:

But you learned.

13. Because you didn’t understand why people would do such a thing:

14. Because you were told you should go there one weekend:

15. Because of the traffic EVERYWHERE:

16. Because they were machine operated where you’re from:

17. Because you started dating someone who said they were in the industry:

18. Because you were just in a “limbo period” of your life:

And still might be.

19. Because apparently LA cops have nothing better to do:

20. Because you didn’t realize what you were doing until it was already too late:

21. And because you just wanted to fit in:

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