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19 Things You Can Only Get Away With When You're Single

It IS all that it's cracked up to be.

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1. Taking up the entire bed because IT'S ALL YOURS to sprawl out on.

2. Never leaving your room FOR ANYONE except the delivery man.

3. Making food ENTIRELY for yourself.

And none of this "can I have a bite?" bullshit.

4. Spoiling ONLY YOURSELF on February 14th.


5. Going WEEKS without deleting your web browser's history.

6. Grooming your regions WHENEVER YOU WANT.

I like my FOREST.

7. Passing out your number like....

8. Picking the dinner destination EVERY TIME you go out.


9. Finding a new "bae" to Instagram everyday.

10. Keeping your Netflix suggestions queue 100% clean from outsider's interests.

I did NOT watch Titanic.

11. Reconnecting with old exes.

The CW

12. Making out with WHOEVER you want.

13. Spending the night somewhere completely random.

14. Dancing with random strangers at da club.


15. Having as many dating apps on your phone as you like.

16. Flirting with any and everyone.

Paramount Pictures

17. Dropping $$$ on yourself every pay check and not feeling guilty ONE BIT.

18. Leaving the bathroom door open ALL THE TIME.

My house, my rules.

19. And guilt-tripping friends into hanging out with you because you're "single and lonely."

Totally not (but kind of).

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