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19 Things To Remember When You're Dating A Fierce Person

So you don't blow the greatest opportunity of your life.

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1. First and foremost, understand they're an entrepreneur and they've had to WERQ their entire life to get where they are.

The hardest werqer you'll ever meet in your entire life.

2. Realize it's an honor that they chose you to accessorize their arm with.

Like they could have another you in a minute.

3. And know they're only dating you because they're trying to give back to the community.


4. Realize you'll never look good in the morning as long as you're waking up next to them.

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And remind yourself of that every night before you go to bed.

5. ALWAYS strive to enhance their fierceness by helping out when you can.

Like offer yourself as chair tribute if there's nowhere to sit.

6. And as long as you're dating them, all eyes will ONLY be on them.

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Never you, who is just an extra in their movie.

7. Don't be the jealous type, because everyone will want to be in their royal presence.

Learn to deal.

8. The world is their runway, so don't ever get in their way.

You'll learn.

9. Know your angles, or else you'll look out of place next to such perfection.


10. Learn how to read body language, because that's how you'll be talked to.

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That means "BAI."

11. You'll be summoned when AND IF you're ever needed, not a moment sooner.

Or you will be demoted to a "nobody."

12. They'll give you love, but don't expect them to give any fucks.


13. Hair will constantly be whipped in your face, so get used to it.

Especially if you get in their shot.

14. Don't be intimidated by they flawlessness, because they don't like to be associated with dated things.

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Oh you expired? BYE.

15. Learn to keep up, or else you might get caught in the flames that follow their every footstep.


16. Don't expect to arrive on time to anything, because fashionably late is still too early for them.


Fiercely late is more like it.

17. They live life in slow-mo, so DON'T YOU DARE ever rush them.

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Or one of their hair flips.

18. NEVER speak of your exes, because they don't want to be reminded they're reheating someone else's leftovers.


Just don't open your mouth.

19. And if you EVER break up with them, they'll completely forget about your entire existence.


They'll be the best thing you never had.

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