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19 Things That Happen When Your Grandma Starts Texting

Lov, gMa.

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1. They tell you their dreams:

2. They appropriate teen culture:

3. They warn you of all the new ways you can die:

5. They invite you to get crunk with them:

6. They treat texting like an actual handwritten letter:

7. They refer to themselves in third person:

8. They. use. too. much. punctuation:

9. They tell you about the woes of retired life:

10. They ask like A MILLION questions:

11. They warn you of adverse weather:

12. They remind you of all the important holidays:

13. They send you pictures with alpaches:

14. They turn to you for expert advice:

15. They use sayings from their generation:

16. They ditch Hallmark cards for personalized happy birthday texts:

17. They practice bad texting etiquette:

18. They don't know to fix their mistakes:

19. And they won't let you forget that they're still expecting grandchildren: