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21 Things Sassy People Wish Everyone Else Understood

You betta know I have my sassy panties on today.

1. First off, being sassy is not a choice.

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2. The sass gods carefully choose who is born into this world with sassy panties and who is not.

3. And those sassy panties? They can never come off.

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They're on tight (and cuter than any pair of underwear you own).

4. Being sassy is basically a full-time job.

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Could you throw shade on the fly 24/7? Uh no, hunty.

5. They're impossible to read because every emotion is disguised as sass.

Logo / Via

So stop asking me if there's something wrong,

6. But don't get it wrong, the sass has a purpose.

Just calling it out like it is.

7. They don't have a filter.

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Cuz filters are for Instagram.

8. It's literally impossible for someone to sass a sasser.

FOX / Via

So why you keep tryin'?

9. Sassy people aren't sassy because they're bitchy; they're bitchy because they're sassy.

There's an obvious difference.

10. They've pledged to live by a literal take-none-of-your-basic-shit policy.

Bravo / Via

Or your royal basic highness will be sassed.

11. Their sarcasm should never be taken seriously.

12. Enemies will be dragged and their pedicures will be reversed.


So don't stab us in the back or we'll give the knife right back to you.

13. Calling them sassy is actually a really nice compliment.

TLC / Via

Like, thanks for letting me know I'm doing my job correctly.

14. Sassers have thick skin and even thicker confidence.

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15. They know how to work the camera so don't even try to give them direction.

16. They have empathy for those who aren't on their level.

Paramount Pictures / Via

Because they're going to be an easy next target.

17. Every body part attached to them can throw sass.

Logo / Via

Like, cut my head off and my fingers will do the talking.

18. They can make the best of friends because they only speak the truth.

nbc / Via

Oh, and your boyfriend is totally gay.

19. Technology only enhances their sassiness.

20. They will NEVER stop doing their good work because they're never sassified.

21. And sassy people will never understand "the normals" of the world.

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