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The Most Creepy Thing You Never Noticed From Britney's "Hold It Against Me" Video

How were we supposed to know that something wasn't right here?

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If you remember Britney's 2011 music video for "Hold It Against Me," you know a lot of weird shit goes down.

Like when a bunch of faceless men crawl out of the giant white gown Brit's wearing.

And when she squirts colorful liquid from her fingertips (probably Fanta) onto all of her old music videos.

Not to mention when this unsettling thing happens with her(?) eye.

But what you never noticed, at the 2:45 mark for a split second, Britney's face makes THE CREEPIEST SMIRK YOU HAVE EVER SEEN.

Can't spot it? Here's the horrifying smirk slowed down:




Joker approved.

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

If you're still up for it, here's the W-T-F video in its full glory:

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