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The “Mockingjay Part 2” Trailer Is Actually About JLaw Looking For A New Lewk Tonight

The odds weren't in my favor.

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Hi. I belong to the .0001% of the population who has never seen a movie in The Hunger Games series or read one of the books. Partially because the series just sounds like it would stress me out, but mainly because my ex really enjoyed them.

HOWEVER, I am typically hungry and I like games (Jenga, Connect Four, Slapjack, etc.) so imma use this background to help me piece together what's happening to JLaw and co. in the trailer for the upcoming movie Mockingjay Part 2.

The couple getting married must be a pretty big deal because there's like a lot of people there. No one looks hungry and no one is playing games, so IDK what that's about.


People are like really stoked these two are getting married. I mean, I think there's even a crew recording it all? Maybe they're on a reality show? Like MTV's Newlyweds? IDK.

Lionsgate / Christian Zamora / BuzzFeed

That might be Demi Lovato too but don't take my word for it.

Anyways, the bride and groom kiss and then everyone starts to turn up and dance like they're at a 1700s ball. Does this movie take place in the 1700s? Fuck if I know.


I think they're just checkin' out their lewks in the mirror...? Like they're actin' like my ladies and I do before we take the town. Maybe they're about to have a "girls night out"? Either way, JLaw looks like she's not feelin' her lewk and I agree.


Meanwhile, some guy with like a really nice beard is having what appears to be a dinner party. It's hella chic and pure fashun around the table. I think this is that Snow guy who dressed JLaw in that trahj outfit? He seems to give no fucks.

All of the sudden, JLaw is rocking that black outfit with CON👏FI👏DENCE👏 She's now equipped with a bow and arrow and is looking phresh as one can in shoulder pads. Maybe she's coming to crash that Snow guy's dinner party to demand a new look 4 tonight?

Lionsgate / Christian Zamora / BuzzFeed

A lot of people are following her too. Maybe they all were given terrible outfits to wear too?

Now JLaw is trynna cover up that black ensemble with some green cape with an attached hood. It's ugly AF but at least she can conceal her identity in this and not trash her brand. I don't blame her.


NOW THE WHITE BEARDED MAN IS BACK. He tells JLaw, "Make no mistake, the game never... [something I couldn't decipher]." So I'm assuming he's just going to keep playing games and not give JLaw a new look 4 tonight?

Then it all ends with some random thot saying, "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 76th Hunger Games." Is The Hunger Games their equivalent to America's Next Top Model? Is JLaw a model? It would explain her getting so upset about ugly clothes.

In conclusion, my observations deduce Mockingjay Part 2 is about a well-known model seeking vengeance on her fashun designer because he intentionally gave her a lewk she wasn't feeling. Looks gr8 can't wait 2 C it.