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    We Played Truth Or Dare Jenga With Seth Rogen, James Franco, And Paul Scheer And It Was Hilarious AF

    They literally played for an hour.

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    Seth Rogen and James Franco have combined forces again, this time to tell the story of what's been dubbed one of the worst movies ever made: The Room. Produced by Franco, The Disaster Artist stars himself as the ambitious, yet slightly misguided Tommy Wiseau and the real-life efforts that went into making what's become one of the biggest cult classics of all time.

    We pinned James against his
    Disaster Artist co-stars Seth Rogen and Paul Scheer in a game of Truth or Dare Jenga. They set out to beat the cast of Bad Moms, but did it just end in disaster instead?

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    Here's what we learned:

    A lot of people come up to Seth Rogen without knowing who he is, just because they see other people going up to him.


    Seth Rogen: I get a lot of people coming up to me who just don't know who the fuck I am, and they just see other people coming up to me. Those are always weird because they're just like, "I don't know you — let's do this." I'm just like, no one's getting joy from this!

    Seth's first big purchase after his big break on Freaks and Geeks was an... Acura.


    Seth: Uh, I bough an Acura. I didn't have a car! I remember Judd [Apatow] instantly when we all did Freaks and Geeks was like, "Don't spend this money. It might be the last money you ever make."

    There was once a rumor on the set of Freaks and Geeks that James Franco lived in his car because it was THAT messy.


    Seth: Did you buy anything? You had a shitty car. It was very messy.

    James Franco: Oh yeah!

    Seth: There was a rumor you lived in your car.

    The one line Seth Rogen won't cross in his films? Working with Mel Gibson.


    Seth: Work with Mel Gibson.

    If James could erase one project from his IMDB page, it would be the SECOND Lifetime movie he recently directed.


    James: Not the first Lifetime movie I directed, which actually was during Christmas break when we were making this movie. That one was pretty good! But the second one I shot...

    Seth: That's the lesson — only direct one Lifetime movie during your Christmas break.

    Paul Scheer can't touch his nose with his tongue.


    Seth: You're not close.

    The cast is anything but affluent when it comes to the Kardashian/Jenner family.


    Seth: Is Kim the oldest?

    James: Yes.

    Seth: And then... Kourtney? Khloé? And then there's... I don't know the other one.

    James: Kendall.

    Seth: Kendall. And the other one...

    James: Caitlyn.

    Seth: Yeah, Caitlyn.

    Paul Scheer: It's the other one. It's... a...

    Seth: Klezmer? Is it Klezmer Kardashian?

    James: YES.

    Paul's roommate in college once puked into a fan and he's still a little traumatized from it.


    Paul: I was in college and my friend got super drunk and we had a fan in the room and he was running to the bathroom but he couldn't make it so he puked into the fan and it splattered up on the wall like blood. It was disgusting. It was the worst.

    And finally, James is surprisingly bad at impersonating Seth's infamous laugh.


    Seth: You're not very good at it, I'll be totally honest.

    Catch James, Seth, and Paul in The Disaster Artist in select theaters on Dec. 1st!

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