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Grab Your Popcorn Because The Cast Of The "Gay Bachelor" Was Announced

Just slightly more diverse than the straight version.

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Anygay, Logo just revealed the 13 men who'll be competing to become Robert's one true top...............pick. Here's everything you need to know about the men based off their introduction videos:


1. Brandon:


Age: 29

Job: Works in behavioral health care

Hometown: Livonia, Michigan

My opinion: Though he'd be my top, based on his intro video, he seems too sweet to handle a reality show where he lives in a house with 13 other gay men all tryna date the same man! I don't know if he could even handle brunch.

3. Chad:


Age: 32

Job: Real estate agent

Hometown: New York, New York

My opinion: Even though he described himself as "humble and kind," he actually seems pretty humble and kind! (I bet he's gonna be the ugly-crier of the season.)

4. Charlie:


Age: 31

Job: Manny (male nanny)

Hometown: Eau Claire, Wisconsin

My opinion: Charlie's got a great beard, but he's way too serious. He's not here to "play games," yet he signed up for a gay dating reality show. OK.


9. Justin:


Age: 29

Job: Project manager (and models on the side)

Hometown: Portland, Oregon

My opinion: I know NOTHING, but it seems like they're setting this guy up to be the villain. You can tell his eyebrows are filled with secrets.

13. Sam:


Age: 31

Job: Owns a company

Hometown: St. John, Indiana

My opinion: Sam's biggest pet peeve in a significant other is "loud chewing." Yeah, I'm just gonna go ahead and say he's gonna clash with the rest of the guys (and I'm not just talking about his blazer).

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