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    The Cast Of "Sorry To Bother You" Gave Strangers Job Advice And It Was Hilariously Helpful

    "If you work for construction, don't show up in dress shoes. If you're a porn star, don't put anything on! That sounds like dressing for success to me."

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    The cast of the upcoming comedy Sorry To Bother You stopped by BuzzFeed to give YOU the job advice you asked for...


    ...and whether or not the boys were actually helpful, their advice was hilarious AF:

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    1. I’ve been applying to new jobs for a year but have yet to land one despite a handful of interviews. I feel like it’s harder to get a new job when you already have a job, but my current job is literally starting to kill me. Any tips? — Courtiepaigee


    Boots Riley: Take sick leave from your job while you're really just applying for other jobs.

    LaKeith Stanfield: But you also said that your job is "literally starting to kill you," so I would say get away from them. It doesn't sound like a good job. Get out of there!

    BR: Maybe he has a mafia job?

    LS: Or maybe his job is in entertainment?

    2. How do you get the confidence to even apply for jobs? I have a master's degree I'm too scared to use because the job process is so overwhelming. My field has three rounds of interviews plus a presentation and, even then, I still might not get that job. How do you navigate a job application process that's so labor intensive it makes you freeze up? — lizmurr2011


    Jermaine Fowler: You know, the amount of time that took you to write this question, you probably could've applied for a job.

    LS: If you can get a master's degree, apply!

    JF: Yeah, like why you'd stop at the master's degree? [Laughs]

    BR: Consider getting the job another degree.

    JF: You're good, Boot! You've been here before.

    3. I can hear everything that my coworker eats and drinks (even bananas and yogurt, foods that should be somewhat quiet). Any tips? — danah446712


    BR: I think that this person might just be fucking with them. If they make the banana noisy, they might just be doing that on purpose.

    JF: Maybe that person's trying to get your attention. Maybe he or she likes you, wants to go on a date with you. Maybe [say] like, "Hey, I heard you and that yogurt — you wanna try to go to this movie?"

    4. I have a coworker who is above me and makes her problems everyone's problems. She has a tendency to sit there and complain about how busy she is, even though she has about one-fifth of the workload of others in the office, often leaves early, comes in late, takes personal calls at work, and spends a large part of the day texting. I don't really have the option of simply telling her to get her act together, but how do I deal with this type of person and still make it through the day with my sanity? — laurae486e9cb98


    BR: That don't sound like a coworker, that sounds like your boss!

    JF: I usually ignore those types of people that work on my shit. But maybe that person is your manager — did you ever think about that? Do you know how hierarchy works?

    5. What are your tips for dressing for success? — lucyc47319c4b7


    LS: If you're a mascot and you're a big chicken, put the suit on. If you're a basketball player put the jersey on.

    JF: If you work for construction, don't show up in dress shoes.

    LS: Yeah, if you're a porn star, don't put anything on! That sounds like dressing for success to me.

    BR: When you go to work and they say, "This doesn't fit the dress code," be like, "Fuck you." Just say it very quietly so there are no other witnesses. And when that person says, "He just said 'fuck you,'" you're like, "What? I'm not an aggressive person, I dress in happy colors!"

    Make sure to catch these boys in Sorry To Bother You, in theaters Friday, July 6!

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