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    "The Bold Type" Cast Talked About Their Firsts And I Can't Believe Katie Stevens Almost Had A Role On "Nashville"

    The Bold Type cast stopped by to talk about their firsts, and I'm in love with them even more!

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    With the third season of The Bold Type under way, we had the three leading ladies — Katie Stevens, Aisha Dee, and Meghann Fahy — stop by BuzzFeed to talk about their firsts...


    ...and between Katie revealing she almost landed a role on Nashville, Aisha not knowing who Lance Bass is, and Meghann meeting an up-and-coming Taylor Swift back in the day, this might be our juciest First Times yet!

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    Let's back up real quick on Katie ALMOST landing a role on Nashville because, WHAT!!!

    When we asked the cast about the first role they auditioned for that they really wanted but didn't get, Katie dropped the Nashville bomb, and apparently, she was VERY close to getting the role:


    Katie Stevens: I auditioned for a role on Nashville and I got really far on it, like down to me and the other person, and the other person got it. I was devastated.

    As you could imagine, losing out on the role hit Katie hard.


    KS: I remember it was the first time in a really long time that I cried, like when you're a kid and you can't catch your breath. It was right at my fingertips.

    But, as devestating as it was, Katie still had a happy ending! Two weeks later, she booked her role in Faking It:


    KS: But then two weeks later, I booked Faking It, which is why I didn't get that.

    Can't get enough of these three? Make sure to catch them on The Bold Type, airing Tuesdays on Freeform.


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