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Everyone Is Going Emo Again Because My Chemical Romance Teased Their Return

Welcome back to the black parade!

On Wednesday afternoon, time flew back a decade when My Chemical Romance deleted their breakup tweet AND tweeted a mysterious video with a new logo (which symbolizes a resurrection) along with the date "9/23/2016":

Not to mention a piano instrumental of their song "Welcome To The Black Parade" was playing in the background of the video!

The internet took the video as an indication that MCR is planning SOME sort of comeback this September, so naturally, fans teased they were returning to their past emo selves, and it was hilarious:

Eyeliner got thicker:

Black was suddenly the only accepted color to wear:

Rooms were redecorated:

Aesthetics were changed accordingly:

Myspace-looking selfies reappeared:

YouTube tutorials were watched:

Music was pulled out of storage:

Fans resurfaced in concert shirts:

Emo starter packs were made:

Thoughts about disowning parents crossed minds:

But most importantly, fans were willing to put the past in the past:

Is it Sept. 23rd yet?