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The 2015 Emmys Were Literally The Hottest Emmys Ever

"Why was I nominated this year?" —Every celeb

If you watched the 2015 Emmys red carpet, you most definitely noticed one 🔥 thing 🔥 was the topic of discussion: THE HEAT.

Remember as you watch the #Emmys2015 red carpet that this is the weather WITHOUT LIGHTS. This city is awful.

Every star on the carpet didn't have much to say except how hot they were.

"Let's just say it. We're both really hot." - Allison Janney, who does LOOKS SO HOT #Emmys

Olivia Culpo nearly fainted from the heat.

Olivia Culpo nearly faints on #Emmys red carpet in hot temps, @TMZ reports. WATCH: http://t.co/sSf0myVCEh

Fred Savage was constantly soaking up his forehead sweat.

Fred Savage mops his brow in this nearly triple digit heat on the red carpet. #Emmys2015

Amy Schumer wiped the sweat from Ryan Seacrest's forehead.

So @amyschumer wiped the sweat off of @RyanSeacrest's face. #Emmys

...and cooled herself down with a fan.

.@amyschumer with the #Emmys best accessory: a portable neon fan. @glamourmag

In fact, every celebrity was rocking a fan.

Jaimie Alexander from "Blindspot" sported this portable fan from the moment she stepped onto the red carpet #Emmys


@etnow #Cookie Lyons! @TherealTaraji Fanning herself through this heat! Looking #Emmys2015 hot!


My fellow St. Louis friend! @KimmySchmidt's amazing #EllieKemper! @glamourmag

And when the fans didn't quite do the job, ice packs were employed.

It's good to have friends like @EricStonestreet in this #Emmys heat. Thanks for the ice pack! 🔥❄️😌 #ETEmmys

Basically, everyone was trying to be all smiles and cheer, but you know they all secretly wished they weren't nominated this year.

"I can't believe how f***ing hot it is." - Julia Louis-Dreyfus, probably. #Emmys