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    Posted on Oct 8, 2015

    Lady Gaga And Matt Bomer's "AHS: Hotel" Bloody Orgy Was Choreographed

    Lady Gaga and Matt Bomer were doing ~sexography~.

    Besides the sight of Matt Bomer's butt (like 10 times), everyone who watched the premiere of American Horror Story: Hotel walked away with one scene replaying in their head...


    ...The bloody orgy that happened between Lady Gaga, Matt Bomer, and an unfortunate (but kind of fortunate...?) couple.

    Chasty Ballesteros, the actress who was killed by Matt Bomer's character during the orgy, talked to MTV News about the gory foursome details and revealed the entire scene was choreographed by creator Ryan Murphy himself:

    "We rehearsed it. It was like 'Down. Kiss. Okay, girls kiss. Okay, guys, up. Okay, hands up.' It was like he was… doing choreography. 'Left hand, here. Right hand, here.' It was amazing! And it actually worked very well. It was so chaotic, with so many moving parts. It would be hard to shoot any other way."

    Sounds like a sexual game of DDR, tbh.


    And if you're thinking the blood-orgy was a one-take kind of deal, think again. In the same interview, Ballesteros said the scene took three days to shoot, which resulted in some interesting small talk between takes:

    "It was as if we weren't even naked. We were all just super comfortable, and we got along really well and we just chatted about cats and the business, things we had for lunch — what we didn't eat, what we shouldn't eat for the day, who ate and who didn't eat. So we're all like, 'Who's going to eat? Who's not eating? What are we going to not do for lunch?'"

    So... WHO'S HUNGRY?


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