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19 Of The Most "Thanks, I Guess?" Things That Have Ever Happened

All very considerate.

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1. This girl and her ID.

2. This sister and her birthday "present."

3. This sister and her thoughtfulness.

4. This cake maker and their unfortunate mistake.

5. This dad and his generous graduation check.

6. This husband and his "Coach" bag.

7. This sister who gave her sister what she wanted.

8. This boyfriend who knows how to treat his bae.

9. Karli and her apology for being a bitch.

10. This boyfriend and his thoughtful gift.

11. Evan and his Valentine to his sister.

12. This little sister and her birthday card.

13. This person and their mix CD for their lover.

14. This dad and his choice of bags.

15. This person and their balloon valentine.

16. This cake cutter and their hints.

17. These kids and their Father's Day breakfast.

18. This son and his beautiful letter to his mom.

19. And these co-workers and their creativity.

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