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    Taylor Swift Just Passed Kim Kardashian As The Most Followed Person On Instagram

    ♫ ♪ Nothing lasts forever... ♪♫

    Kim Kardashian may have recently edged out Beyoncé as the most followed person on Instagram, but Kim's reign now nothing more than a #tbt because there's new a queen of the filters...

    ...and that queen is none other than Taylor Swift.

    Inching out Kim's following by just a hundred thousand followers, Taylor now has 45.5 million Instagram users following her compared to Kim's 45.4 million.

    Comparing Taylor to other pop royalty, she now has 4,000,000 more followers than Beyoncé...

    2.4 million more followers than Selena Gomez...

    And 18.4 million more followers than Katy Perry on the app.

    BONUS: Taylor has over 10 million MORE followers than the entire population of Canada. HER ENTIRE FOLLOWING COULD FILL UP CANADA...THEN SOME.

    This is Taylor's world now... we're just living in it.