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    15 Taylor Swift Emojis You Never Knew You Needed

    Because you've got a blank text, baby.

    1. The "Shake It Off" Emoji:

    2. The "Why You Gotta Be So Mean?" Emoji:

    3. The "Welcome to New York" Emoji:

    4. The "I've Got A Blank Space Baby" Emoji:

    5. The "Red-Headed Abigail" Emoji:

    6. The "Story Of Us" Emoji:

    7. The "I'm Feelin' 22" Emoji:

    8. The "I Knew You We're Trouble" Emoji:

    9. The "Best Thing That’s Ever Been Mine" Emoji:

    10. The "Baby Just Say Yes" Emoji:

    11. The "We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together" Emoji:

    12. The "We Never Go Out Of Style" Emoji:

    13. The "Are We Out Of The Woods Yet?" Emoji:

    14. The "You Belong With Me" Emoji:

    15. And the "1.319 Million Copies" Emoji: