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    Taron Egerton Told Us All About His First Times And I'm In Love Even More

    The actor spilled the details on his first job, first time meeting Richard Madden, and more!

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    In celebration of the release of Rocketman, we had the star of the film — Taron Egerton — tell us all about his first times...


    ...And turns out, the multi-talented actor was NOT a multi-talented café barista:

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    When we asked Taron about his first job, he revealed he worked at his aunt's café:


    Well, turns out he was quite bad at his job and would burn a ton of food:


    Taron Egerton: I was terrible and I used to burn a lot of things. Me and my auntie used to fallout quite a lot when I worked there, actually.

    Despite how terrible he was, he enjoyed the gig and would sing while working, of course:


    TE: I used to enjoy working in there because I used to enjoy the back and forth with the customers and seeing regulars. I used to sing in there a lot as I was working.

    Not gonna lie, if Taron gave me burned food while singing, I wouldn't care ONE BIT.


    Can't get enough of Taron? Make sure to catch him in Rocketman, now playing in theaters!

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