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    18 Struggles Every Life Of The Party Will Understand

    The party doesn't start until you walk in.

    1. You are constantly invited EVERYWHERE and it starts to get exhausting.

    2. Days off aren't really a thing for you, because being the life of the party is a daily job.

    3. Because you have the best taste, you ALWAYS have to make the decisions on where to go and what to do.

    4. The party doesn't start until you walk in, so you ALWAYS have to be on time.

    5. You're the subject of most snap stories because you're the spectacle of every night.

    6. It gets harder to see as the night goes on because of all the flashes from everyone's camera.

    7. Your Uber is CONSTANTLY full because everyone wants to arrive with you.

    8. You constantly have to lie when people ask you what you're wearing so you can stay original.

    9. It's hard to leave the dance floor for a break because the whole party just shuts down.

    10. You know when you get to school/work on Monday everyone will be talking about you.

    11. Because you have the best taste in music, you have to be careful taking your phone out at parties because everyone will beg you to play it.

    12. You always lose your voice at the end of the night because LITERALLY everyone asks how you're doing.

    13. You have to constantly outdo last night because you're only as good as your last party.

    14. You make a mess wherever you go because everyone is fighting to talk to you like a bunch of vultures.

    15. You constantly have to fake remember people that come up to you because you meet so many faces every day.

    16. You're a distraction from everything else going on because all eyes are on you.

    17. People bring you presents even when it's not your birthday.

    18. But at the end of the party, although it's hard work, someone has to do it so it might as well be you.