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13 More 100% True Hidden Meanings In The New Taylor Swift Video


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So Taylor Swift just murdered all of us Swiffer Wetjets and I can't even deal anymore with ALL THE REFERENCES TO HERSELF. But I've found more — NONE THAT HAVE BEEN DISCOVERED BEFORE ((NOT EVEN ON TUMBLR)) — because I am a mother frigg*n detective like Latoya Jackson with a magnify glass:

1. If you connect all the tombstones in the establishing shot, you can see Tay's absolute favorite thing to draw!

If you've received a handwritten note from Taylor, you know that she ALWAYS signs "Swift" with a pointy 'S'.


3. During the bathtub scene, her jewelry spells her favorite place to go on Sunday afternoons in September, the zoo:

If there's one thing you know about Tayls, it's that she loves going to the zoo on Sunday afternoons in September. If you tilt your head to the right and squint your eyes 13%, you notice it spells "zoo"! It's so friggin' cray because we all know the video dropped just DAYS before it was September... coincidence? NOT WITH TAYLSEY!

5. During the scene where she's sitting on a throne surrounded by snakes, there's the latin phrase "Et Tu Brute," which can be rewritten as "butter" if you write one "E" and one "R" out of the narrative!!!


7. The scene where Taylor is surrounded by greedy cats is actually a reference to the Broadway revival of Cats and how we're living in a time full of uninspired revivals in the name of money!!!

9. In the scene where she wears a bedazzled Zara top, the word "rep" is actually a reference to her repairman.

She told her repairman if he'd fix her AC for free, she'd give him a shoutout in her new video. And she did! Honest queen!


10. When Taylor gets on a landline and begins to speak, it's a reference to the year she was born.

Back in 1989, they used to talk on landline phones to communicate. RANDOMLY ENOUGH, that's the year our queen was born!!!

11. When Tayls totally slays us with choreo, she flashes THREE FINGERS, which probably means what we all thought it did!

Harcore Swiffer Wetjets will know that she flashes three fingers at the 3:09 mark (3 + 0 +9!!!!). SUSPICIOUS!

12. The scene where she lifts the two motorcycles with her hands confirms the fandom theory that she joined CrossFit.

Only the most dedicated Swiffers know Tayl's has been looking extra muscular lately. This scene where she lifts up TWO motorcycles (another one of her Top 100 favorite numbers) basically confirms she's joined CrossFit. I literally cannot!

13. And what about all those Tays during the final scene? Well, there's 15 of them, which is the same amount of players on a rugby team, apparently!