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    17 Photos That Perfectly Sum Up Snapchat Vs. Instagram

    Two completely different people, TBH.

    1. These chickens.

    2. Paris Hilton.

    3. An old potato and Mrs. Potato.

    4. This cat with cooked spaghetti on its head and Tori Kelly.

    5. Sam Smith in a wig and Adele.

    6. This dog.

    7. Mia from The Princess Diaries.

    8. This hot dog and Arielle.

    9. Amy Poehler.

    10. Cartoon Pikachu and this Pikachu.

    11. Star Wars and Star Wars cosplay.

    12. Demi and Poot Lovato.

    13. These dolls.

    14. These celebrity selfies.

    15. Lady Gaga.

    16. These sugar cookies.

    17. And Cinderella and this cake fail.

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