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Every Simple Plan Song You Forgot About But Still Know All The Words To

Welcome to my life in the '00s.

Sure, there have been a lot of great punk pop bands over the past decade, but none of them can top Simple Plan and the angsty anthems they equipped every teenager with during the '00s.

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Here's every Simple Plan song that awoke your teenage angst during a period of great hormonal change back in the '00s:

1. With three-way call ambushes and the stress that came with a Myspace top eight, the '00s were a tough time to be a teen. Luckily, we had "Welcome To My Life" to relate to, no matter how cheesy the lyrics may seem now.

When you'd listen to the song: After your parents grounded you for all of those texting charges.

Most angst-ridden lyric: "YOU MIGHT THINK I'M HAPPY BUT I'M NOT GONNA BE OK!!!!!!!"

2. Although the lyrics to "I'm Just A Kid" read like they belong in a stripped-down ballad, Simple Plan somehow managed to throw the self-pitying words into a headbanger of a bop that you weren't ashamed to put as your Myspace profile song.

When you'd listen to the song: When your parents didn't let you stay out past 10 p.m.


3. On the more upbeat side of Simple Plan's discography lies "Addicted" — a punk pop anthem that helped resurface all those leftover feelings you still had for your ex (who you probably just dated for a month).

When you'd listen to the song: When you wanted to get away with singing "DICK" repeatedly in the car with your parents.

Most angst-ridden lyric: "I TRIED TO MAKE YOU HAPPY BUT YOU LEFT ANYWAY!!!!"

4. In the same post-relationship fashion as "Addicted," "I'd Do Anything" perfectly summed up those feelings you still had for your failed eigth-grade relationship and the desire for a second chance.

When you'd listen to the song: When your ex signed on to AIM.

Most angst-ridden lyric: "Together we broke all the rules, dreaming of dropping out of school."

5. It's clear Simple Plan was all about holding onto those feelings toward your ex, but unlike "Addicted" and "I'd Do Anything," "Meet You There" was a TEARJERKER that made you cry while accepting your failed relationship rather than trying to win the ex over again... for the time being.

When you'd listen to the song: While poetically deleting photos of your ex from your computer then restoring them from the trash bin seconds later.

Most angst-ridden lyric: "I wonder why you left me here — I think about it on, and on, and on, and on, and on, again."

6. When "Welcome To My Life" couldn't even sum up the defeat you were feeling, there was the hopeless "Untitled." Although the song most likely aided your less-than-trivial struggles of being a teenager, the video served as a chilling PSA against drinking and driving.

When you'd listen to the song: When your crush asked someone else to prom.

Most angst-ridden lyric: "The night goes on as I'm fading away. I'm sick of this life, I JUST WANNA SCREAM!!!!"

7. "Shut Up!" oozes with angst. In fact, if one song represents Simple Plan the most, it's this. It's loud, tortured, and serves as one giant "fuck you" to controlling forces. Your parents probably didn’t like this track, BUT SORRY YOU COULDN'T BE PERFECT!

When you'd listen to the song: While ditching homeroom with your friends.

Most angst-ridden lyric: "SO SHUT UP, SHUT UP, SHUT UP!!!!!"

8. Possibly the GREATEST Simple Plan song of all time, "Perfect" gave all the teens in the '00s a daddy issues power anthem to blast in their room whenever they fucked up. DON'T ACT LIKE YOU DIDN'T.

When you'd listen to the song: When report cards came out and you knew that your cell phone would be taken away.

Most angst-ridden lyric: "I can't pretend that I'm alright... AND YOU CAN'T CHANGE ME."

*Re-downloads Simple Plan's discography*

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