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17 Shocking Behind The Scenes Facts* You Never Knew About "Arthur"

*None of these facts are probably true.

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7. Arthur may portray an aardvark on-screen, but he's actually a giant gerbil in real life.

The aardvark community has consistently petitioned to take Arthur off the air since its debut for allowing a gerbil to portray the suppressed and underrepresented aardvark culture.

8. During season three, an episode titled "Buster's Busted Nut" was pulled last minute from airing after PBS decided the plot was too racy for a children's show. They were probably right.


12. When Arthur's salary leaked to the public after season three, the show almost came to a screeching halt. The other cast members threatened to quit unless they were paid equally as the lead character. PBS hesitantly obliged.


13. Although Alan, aka "The Brain," plays a genius on-screen, he reportedly has the lowest IQ of the cast (including Pal, Arthur's pet dog) and constantly stumbles on his scientific lines.