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Selena Gomez Revealed That Crushed Hard On Jesse McCartney Back In The '00s

Those frosted tips though.

Remember this jam/bae/the man you thought you were going to marry growing up?

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OF COURSE YOU DO β€” it's fucking JESSE MCCARTNEY and the 2004 bop "Beautiful Soul!"

Well, it turns out that even Selena Gomez was hypnotized by Jesse's frosted tips. She told BBC Radio 1 during a sit-down interview on Friday that she was obsessed with the pop singer, just like ALL OF US in the early '00s.

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She was so obsessed, in fact, that she had a Jesse McCartney screensaver and binder. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Selena Gomez was just as obsessed with Jesse McCartney as all of us.


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