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21 Secrets Overly Competitive People Will Never Tell You

Can't hear you over ALL THE WINNING.

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2. You took gym more seriously than any other class you ever took in school.

3. Everything is a competition to you, regardless if anyone else knows it.



4. You only studied in school because you HAD TO get better grades than your friends.

7. Bragging rights bring just as much joy to you as actually winning.

11. You don't sleep for weeks when the competition you signed up for is nearing.

12. Every day brings a new challenge you can't say no to.

13. Your version of hell is being surrounded by constant "game over" screens.

14. Your GPS system's ETA is your greatest nemesis.

17. Nothing you do is ever "just for fun."

19. It's nearly impossible to be friends with anyone who is slightly better at something than you.

21. And every scar on your body is from something you refused to lose at.

And every single one was totally worth it.