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Let's Pretend Scott Eastwood Running In A Triathlon Is Actually Him Coming To Rescue You

He's your one true bae.

It's been a week since the Wicked Thot of the West has literally thirst-trapped you on a deserted island. You're out of data with no Wi-Fi to access Tinder, Grindr, and/or porn on your Tumblr. You're dehydrated — you won't last much longer...

Your only way of regaining your strength is by a dad's first Netflix and chill sesh — thus quenching your thirst just enough to get you off...the island.

Just as you were about to make love to a coconut out of desperation, you spotted a total dad bulge rising out of the ocean...

...But which dad did it belong to?

COULD IT BE.......?

*rips off swim cap*

*whips hair in the wind*


Scott has come equipped with his controller to Netflix and chill witchu, but he doesn't have much time! You're near complete dehydration!