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    Rihanna Opened Her Harvard Humanitarian Award Speech With "So I Made It To Harvard..."

    *Strokes ponytail*

    Rihanna accepted Harvard's Humanitarian of the Year Award on Tuesday and everything about the ceremony was SO VERY Rihanna:

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    (Ceremony starts at 36:45)

    The speeches from Harvard students honoring Rihanna were not only loaded with song references...

    "Thank you, Rihanna, for inspiring us to use our abilities to 'work, work, work' and to exercise these abilities in the service of others."

    But also highlighted Rihanna's work in global health...

    "Part of Rihanna’s humanitarian work has been to develop a cancer diagnosis and treatment center at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Bridgetown, Barbados."

    In education...

    Rihanna’s projects provides scholarships of up to $50,000 per year to students across the Caribbean.

    And in LIFE.

    "Rihanna, as a sexualized woman, reclaims her sexuality. And as a woman of color, exerts her power unapologetically."

    And when it was Rihanna's turn to talk, she opened her speech with an instantly iconic line: "So, I made it to Harvard..."

    ...And went on to explain what a "humanitarian" means to her...

    ...And concluded her speech with an inspiring quote from her grandmother:

    Keep up the Rihspiration, RiRi!

    (((Oh, and here's this GIF for your own personal use.)))

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