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15 Reasons Why Eating Pizza With Ranch Will Ruin You For Life

Life on the ranch.

1. Because you become aggressively addicted to the sensation of the cold ranch and the steamy pizza hitting your tongue at the same time.

2. ... So much so, that you question your entire existence when you have to eat pizza without ranch.

3. Because the only relationship you have time for is a polygamous one with the pair.

4. Because no matter the angle, you know you'll never see something more beautiful than the tip of a pizza slice dripping with ranch.

5. Because ranch salads begin to taste and look totally irrelevant 'cuz ranch just isn't the same topping FLOPPY lettuce.

6. Because your weekends are taken up with wild night-long threesomes.

7. Because eating anything else for dinner is hugely unfulfilling.

8. ... And for lunch.

9. ... And for breakfast.

10. Because you become irrationally angry when others force pizza to cheat on ranch with another condiment.

11. ... And so you have to cut the inept few from your life who do not respect the celestial combination.

12. Because "and a side of ranch" will become permanently attached at the end of every sentence you speak out of habit.

13. Because the true meaning of life is placed right before your eyes and it's almost too much to handle.

14. Because you begin to actually hate how good it tastes because it tastes so damn delicious THAT IT'S COMPLETELY TAKING OVER AND RUINING YOUR LIFE.

15. But mostly, you hate the way you don't hate it. Not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all.