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Tell Us Your Most Burning Questions For "The Office's" Creed Bratton

You're lying if you say that he wasn't your fave.

For nine seasons on The Office, we got to know and love the very unique and ~mysterious~ Creed Bratton:

And now, the actor who played Creed Bratton — aka Creed Bratton — is stopping by BuzzFeed and we want to know all your Office questions that you're DYING to get answers to!

Maybe you wanna know the deets on the possible reboot...

...maybe you're interested in knowing some behind-the-scenes dirt...

...or maybe you just want to know what Creed has been up to since his Office days!

Whatever your question is, now's your chance to ask Creed! Write your questions below and yours could be chosen for a BuzzFeed post or video!