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21 Questions All Insanely Hot People Are Tired Of Answering

Yes... it's all real.

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1. "Do you model?"

Logo / Via

The world is my runway.

2. "Can I have your number?"

Paramount Pictures / Via

Sorry, I already reached my limit of how many times I can give out my number in one day.

3. "Is it hot in here?"

You're right... I'll leave.

4. "Do you have any hot siblings?"

Like no, I'm the hottest.

5. "What's your secret?"

VH1 / Via

Good genes and an even better pair of jeans.

6. "Have you had plastic surgery?"

Bravo / Via

Believe it or not, I was literally born with these looks.

7. "Can I buy you a drink?"

Yeah. I'll call out your number when it's your turn.

8. "What's your ethnicity?"

CBS / Via

My ancestors were Hottish and arrived here on the Slayflower.

9. "Did you get your good looks from your mom's side of the family or your dad's?"

E! / Via

Obvi the best parts of both sides.

10. "How are you so photogenic?"

NBC / Via

I have two good sides.

11. "Can I wash your feet with my hair?"

Bravo / Via

My feet wash themselves.

12. "How do you get your clothes to fit like that?"

Clothes know it's a privilege to be on my body.

13. "Do you just stare into the mirror all day?"

FOX / Via

No... mirrors steam up when I try to look at them.

14. "What's it like?"

It's really a blessed curse.

15. "Have you always been this good looking?"

To be honest, yes.

16. "Are you just a pretty face?"

Have you seen my legs?

17. "When are you going to have your own holiday?"

Um... it's called my birthday.

18. "How are you single?" / Via

Do you watch the news? We're in a serious drought of other hot people right now.

19. "Do you even realize how hot you are?"

CBS / Via

Only because everyone reminds me.

20. "Permission to speak?"

HSN / Via

Make it quick.

21. "Will you have my babies?"

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